Specific materials, oak

Materials being raw, discarded, relic, left

Evidence of former function

Chaos, truncation, denudedness, discolouration, repairs, gaps, inaccuracy, accuracy, symmetry, asymmetry

Edges that arenít quite straight

Unevenness, displacement

Glimpse, shape, unfinishedness, difficulty, improbability, unheard-of-ness

The work of others, like Juliette Dolphin-Wilding, David Nash, Bryan Illsley, Sandy Brown, Matisse, art done by children, Richard Long (a bit)

The knowledge, the sensation, that what Iím perhaps capable of creating has never been conceived of before

Not knowing what to do or how to proceed

Images of potters, sculptors, whatever, making work in the meagre-est, the most unsuitable of spaces with the inadequatest of tools. Because itís difficult but has to be done, I suppose

The music and poetry of others

Artefacts of ancient civilisations

Keemun tea

Being near the sea