The idea of these Palms was to:
1.) Raise curiosity about the structure of Flowerless Plants,
2.) Draw attention to the differences between sculptures (which may ape real-life forms, be clever, be beautiful, etc,) and real plants (which have so many more abilities and are so much more ingeniously designed), and
3.) Provide a small grove of trees (with integral seats attached) where visitors could perch and rest for a few moments, lean back against the tall trunks, and gaze up dreamily at what appear to be palm fronds. Iíve used riven (or split) oak because natural twists and turns in the material meant that each frond would be unique, and the sculpture would be more energetic.
Oak Lath, used for the individual leaves
Fronds set out in the studio in Hartland
Laying out Fronds at Eden, during installation
Up on the tower, while connecting Fronds to Oak Stems
The canopy taking shape