My home and studio for the past 20 years have been based in Hartland on the wild Atlantic North Devon coast, and, yes, I guess that and my love of discarded materials have been powerful influences: I use mostly relic oak from defunct barn roofs, boats, gates and fences to make elemental thrones, tables, daybeds and benches which, although they have an ancient, recently unearthed quality about them, work well in contemporary settings. The furniture is rugged, risky, energetic - functional but sculptural.
Most of my output is commissioned - I enjoy that process: it's rewarding, exciting, and stretches me creatively. A number of influential garden designers and stylists have asked me to make large pieces for specific projects both here and abroad. Yet most commissions are still for everyday objects, not huge but visually intriguing, that I'm asked to make for particular interior spaces or garden settings.
I also can't resist making small whimsical objects (artefacts) out of old oak and other salvaged materials: these tend to be quirky, intimate, very one-off. And naive figurative sculptures incorporating bits of text which are sometimes tender, sometimes absurd.